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Moving Tips & FAQs

Here are some handy moving tips and some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you need on this page, feel free to contact us directly.


  • Make your moving plans as far in advance of your moving date as possible.

  • When moving long distances, make sure to label all of your containers in BOLD LETTERING with your name, destination city, and contact phone number.

  • Consider organizing a yard sale or donating your unwanted stuff to a charity.

  • During your moving day, leave your pet with a neighbor or a friend.

  • Place all packed boxes against the wall, away from your furniture, so that your movers have easy access.

Moving with Plants

  • Plants should be pruned a few weeks before your move to prepare for packing. For more information, consult a florist or a plant book.

  • Put your plants in a black plastic bag with an insect/pest strip, conventional flea collar, or bug powder in it a week before you relocate them. Place the bag in a cool location overnight. Any pests on the plant or in the soil will be killed with this technique.

  • Place the plants in cardboard containers the day before you move. Make sure to secure them with dampened newspaper or packing paper. To keep the leaves damp, use paper to cushion them and a final layer of wet paper on top. Water the plants routinely in the summer and somewhat less in the winter.

  • Set the boxes aside on the day of your move and label them "DO NOT LOAD” so they don't get loaded onto the moving van.

Packing & Labeling

  • Begin by obtaining the proper packing supplies to ensure that your household goods arrive at your new home undamaged. We'll assist you by bringing our own dependable products.

  • Create a packing list. Stay organized by establishing a working system if more than one person is packing.

  • Prepare blank inventory sheets so that one person may quickly tackle a single section or room.

  • All unnecessary objects should be donated to charity or discarded.

  • If you are packing your own belongings, begin well in advance of your moving date. This will avoid any urge to get things done quickly, as most errors come when things are done in a hurry.

  • Carefully label all boxes according to the room you would like them placed in, (for example kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, etc.)

Organize and be ready

  • Consider moving as an opportunity to get rid of items you no longer need. Consider forming "donate" and "sell" piles in each area for items you don't need.

  • People have a habit of keeping out-of-date paperwork for an extended period of time. Recognize that paper is really heavy. Before you move, do yourself a favor and get rid of any obsolete paperwork.

  • Make sure you have plenty of packaging tape, scissors, markers, and labels on hand.

  • Prepare your refrigerator for moving day by defrosting it at least a day before your move

  • I'm moving locally. What if we finish the move faster than what was estimated?
    We only bill for actual time spent. If the move goes faster than expected, the savings are yours.
  • Can I just reserve packing services?
    Yes, you can choose which one of our services you want, whether it's packing, moving, storage, or some combination of the three.
  • Will my furniture be protected when being moved in and out of my home?
    Rest assured, your furniture will be well protected. We wrap everything in thick, quilted furniture blankets to prevent any damage.
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